Dry Mouth | Manage and Reduce Your Symptoms

Dry Mouth, also known as xerostomia, doesn’t just make you feel like your mouth is a desert, it can also cause a lot of problems with your teeth. There are many reasons that you might encounter dryness in your mouth. Certain medications, use of a cpap machine and some illnesses will cause the production of saliva in your mouth to be reduced.

Since saliva buffers the acids in our mouth that cause decay, when it is reduced, cavities can run rampant. You may also find that you have a sore throat, a burning tongue, trouble speaking and swallowing and even dryness in your nose. All of these symptoms can make you very uncomfortable.

If you have symptoms of dry mouth, we are here to help. Let us evaluate you and see what may be the cause of your symptoms. Often times we can recommend different products to control your discomfort and keep you from getting decay.  The best treatment is often specific to the patients, so make an appointment today, or let’s talk about it at your next cleaning visit.